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Teen Bible Bowl — John/Revelation/Peter [ESV]

Teen Study Text

This is the official version of the Bible Bowl text and is available in several formats to choose from. Each of these formats, regardless of size, has the same page breaks! Each of them has all keywords clearly highlighted for easy learning. The other twice used keyword verse is printed in the margin. 3Hole notebook format is 8.5"x11" and the spiral bound version is 5.5"x8.5".
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Teen Study Text 3Hole B/W

Teen Study Text Spiral B/W


Teen Study Text 3Hole Color

Teen Study Text Spiral Color


Teen Lists + Concordance

This resource is helpful in preparing for Category and Word Game toss-ups and bonuses. 3Hole notebook format is 8.5"x11" and the spiral bound version is 5.5"x8.5".

Official Lists: Contains official Keyword Lists, Category Lists, and Chapter Lists. Specifically: Once and Twice Used Keywords, Alliteration, Words-Within-Words, Words Differing by 1 Letter, Anagrams, Possessives, Numbers, Parentheticals, Men, Women, Places, Landmarks, Colors, Animals, Body Parts, Foods, and more!
Concordance: Every word used in the text is listed in alphabetical order. For words occurring 20 times or less, an excerpt from the verse is also printed. This is a must-have for serious teams! Advanced players will also want a copy of their own to aid them in study and as a valuable reference tool. The concordance also helps to quickly look up answers during contentions in competition.
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Teen Lists + Concordance 3Hole

Teen Lists + Concordance Spiral


Teen Value Pack

Save by choosing the Teen Value Pack, which includes the Teen Study Text and the Lists+Concordance. 3Hole notebook format is 8.5"x11" and the spiral bound version is 5.5"x8.5".
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Teen VALUE PACK Spiral B/W





Teen Keyword Book

Every keyword in the text is listed with the complete verse(s) in which the word appears. Both chronological AND alphabetical books are contained in one! The Keyword Book is available in both 3Hole punch and also sprial bound format. 3Hole notebook format is 8.5"x11" and the spiral bound version is 5.5"x8.5".
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Teen Keyword Book 3Hole

Teen Keyword Book Spiral


Teen Rapid Fire Question Guide

Rapid Fire is designed for your coaches and volunteers and provides you a systematic way for your players to quickly and effectively learn the material. Each page has just 10 verses with study questions for each verse allowing players to hear the Word, study the Word, and quiz over the Word in rapid fire style. If you are searching for the easiest, quickest, and most enjoyable way for your players to learn the Word, you have found it.

NOTE: The Rapid Fire Question Guide is part of the "Practice Designed for Kids" details of which will be posted soon at

Available in 3-hole punch format only:PriceOrder

Teen Rapid Fire Question Guide 3Hole
This is the Teen version of the new Beginner resource by the same name.

Teen Flashcards

All flashcards come pre-cut and in a storage box! The flashcards are slightly larger than business card size.
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Teen Once Used Word Flashcards
Every once used keyword is represented on a card of its own, with the complete verse text on the back.

Teen Twice Used Word Flashcards
Every twice used keyword is represented on a card of its own. The back of the card contains the text of the verses in which the word is found.

Teen Verse Flashcards
The reference of every verse in the text is represented on the front of a card, with the complete text of the verse printed on the back of the card.

Teen Memory Verse Cards (Quote Bee Cards)
Contains Flashcards for the Memory Verse Quotation Bonuses! These cards are printed single-sided.

Teen Context Bonus Cards (Study Cards)
Hundreds of cards contain the ENTIRE TEXT broken down into short, manageable chunks of only a few verses. Questions from each of these sections are printed on the cards, with the answers printed directly below the question. In this way, players can learn the text in smaller sections, thus making the task of learning the text much easier. Sponsors can hand out the cards to players and then quiz the players on their knowledge of the cards! Keywords are marked within the answers. These are the bonuses which appear as "Context Bonuses" during competition. These cards are printed single-sided.

Teen Computer Software

Requirements: Windows Vista/7/8

License Notice: You are purchasing a license for the current season only. You are free to use the software into successive seasons, however technical support and program updates are only available during the current season.

Available software configurations:PriceOrder

Teen Coach-Pro CD
Contains Word Searches, Crosswords, Fill in the Blank Text, Commentary, Discussion Questions, Bubble Tests, Keyword Tests, Prompterizer. Coach-Pro allows you the flexibility to print-out for yourself and customize ALL of our reproducible team Resources! You may then freely distribute the printed materials to your team! Choose which chapter or chapter range you want to print.

Teen Question-Pro CD
Question-Pro allows sponsors to create custom sets for their practice sessions. Select questions by question type and chapter range. Question-Pro monitors questions already used and includes printing capabilities. Question Pro comes with a question database containing thousands of questions! If you have Question-Writer, you can add your own questions! In addition, Question-Pro users have access to the used round robin questions after each month's competition!

Teen Question-Writer CD
With Question-Writer, you can write questions in the official Bible Bowl format, and proof them electronically to ensure that they conform to all question rules! Contains Toss-up Wizard and Bonus Wizard which walk you through the process of writing each question type!

Teen Quiz-Pro CD
Quiz-Pro is a unique game over the assigned Scripture text. It contains several different verse completion type games in which the object is to complete the verse from words on the screen, and in the process accumulate the highest score. The program can also be used to memorize verses chronologically over any range of chapters you desire, so it can be used all year long! NEW: Now Quiz-Pro allows you to quiz yourself on the Context Bonuses!

Teen Study-PRO CD
Study-Pro contains many features that will help players better learn the text: Highlighted and Searchable Text, Electronic Flashcards, Quote with the computer, Lists of keywords, Study Questions, Commentary, plus several games!

Contains all available Teen software: Study-Pro, Quiz-Pro, Coach-Pro, Question-Pro, and Question-Writer.

Teen App Resources

Apps are available in the Apple Appstore, Amazon Appstore, or Google Play.

Teen Study-Pro App
Study-Pro helps you learn and then quiz yourself on your Teen Bible Bowl text. The Scripture Browser lets you view any chapter with keywords highlighted for easy recognition. The Flashcards feature allows you to quiz yourself on either verse references, memory verses, or keywords. Also contains lists of once and twice used keywords! A game feature allows you to complete verses by tapping words on the screen! Search any word in the text and see a list of all occurrences with context! A new "Prompterizer" memory aid displays any chapter with only the first letter of each word printed. NEW! Quiz yourself on Study Questions! Search "Study-Pro" in the Apple, Amazon, or Google Play Appstores.

Teen Question-Pro App
Requires purchase of Teen Question-Pro software. Sponsors can send question output from Question-Pro and/or Question-Writer desktop software to their Apple or Android device for use in practice sessions! This app is available from Apple, Amazon, and Google.

Score-Pro App
In addition to keeping score, this app links directly to our servers to automatically download full tournament schedules! This app is available from Apple only.

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